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Lyrics and Music by: Alain Emmanuel 

(c) Copyright 2019

Who is Alain Emmanuel?

Alain Emmanuel Speaks Of “People”


 I wrote my first poem at the age of 7. I wrote my first song at the age of 11.  I did my first church solo at the age of 13. Twenty-five hundred (2500 woohoo) original pieces later and I am still inspired by life and the people around me. I was inspired by church music and growing up in the choir I was immersed in constant music ventures. From that time I’ve always been fascinated by how people all around the world live their lives and the different music that connects us all. I’ve always been moved by the stories that shape our understanding of the world around us and what grounds us as humans.  These stories causes one to ask the big questions of life like: “Who are we? ” “Where do we come from?” “What makes humans special?”  As an artist, I get to live with those questions every day! And as a citizen of the world, my music gets to touch people in very personal ways. That’s what this new project called ”People” is all about. Get ready to have a real human experience with me  — one that 

you will never forget!

Live Life in Song

Alain Emmanuel Band Photograph.

The world in which I currently live and perform needs a song and that is what I am writing!  I was born in French Guyana and grew up partly in Canada, and Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island New York. I’ve also lived in Texas, Atlanta, Massachusett, an fun California where I followed my dream with the completion of my Masters Degree in Psychology. However, music has been a lifelong passion that has been with me throughout all my travels. I write my lyrics and produce my songs in multiple studios where I love collaborating with other Live and YouTube music artists, as well as experimenting with different genres of music all within an organic acoustic flavored songscape.

Inspired By The World

Alain Emmanuel Band Photograph in action showing the essence of his music.

Though I am a citizen of the United States, we are all citizens of the world. I find inspiration all around me. I try to make my music representative of myself and the world around me. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance. The ghetto and slums of the world are where I learn the most about being human. I believe we will become one family when we realize every human being matters. We are one race! The human race and we need one song! The world love song — so I wrote it.


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Love Liberates You is the first single of a string of hit singles from the new project: "People" by the Alain Emmanuel Band. This song has already been featured by national and international music outlets.  Now you can be a part of the action by ordering your very own "Love Liberates You" T-shirt which is the first of a line of apparel that the band will be selling as they launch their new project!

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